Jenny Rogers

Deepening your understanding of coaching and trauma

A new event from Coaching and Trauma

When you already have some familiarity with the topic of trauma and coaching you will have tried out some of the ideas and approaches. This may have raised innumerable questions for you, for instance

The client got upset and I wasn’t sure whether to go on with the exploration of how his survival self was affecting his work and home life

She had been accused of being a ‘bully’: an obvious ‘perpetrator’ behaviour but I was uncertain whether to use the model openly with her and if so how exactly to do it

I made more progress with this client in half an hour by exploring this topic than I had in 5 previous sessions. But this has suggested that I might use it more widely, but I think I need some guidance!

Other coaches have been aware of how their own ‘trauma biography’ has infiltrated their practice and would like to explore it. Whatever the issue, this half day group session will be a place where you can bring any topic or concern, knowing that it will be a safe space for exploration and support. The group will be run by Julia Vaughan Smith.

Maximum group number: 6

More details coming soon